Should I Invest in an Extended Warranty?

Why Should I Invest in an Extended Warranty for My New HVAC System?

New HVAC systems are expensive. They’re an investment into your Charlotte or Union County home and provide comfort all year long. Reputable HVAC manufacturers provide good warranties for their products, but your HVAC contractor has told you about an additional warranty – the extended warranty. Should you invest?

As a consumer, you’ve been offered warranties for a wide variety of goods and services. It can be difficult to discern when to buy and when you shouldn’t. Read the following list of questions to consider before you decide whether to invest in an extended warranty.

How does this warranty differ from the manufacturer warranty?

Extended warranties today add labor coverage to the manufacturer’s warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty will cover the parts onlyfor your system for 5-10 years. Typically, most systems come with a 5-year parts warranty, but if you register your products within the first 60-90 days it extends the warranty to 10 years. Ask your HVAC professional what is covered by the manufacturer and what your options are?

Extended warranties will cover the cost of labor, which a manufacturer will not after the initial purchase. Every homeowner knows labor repairs can be very costly for major appliances. Ask your HVAC company specific questions about the labor costs covered under the warranty.  Also, you may want to ask what the costs are for major repairs; such as, replacing a compressor or coil.  You may be surprised by what it costs! In many cases, one repair covered will pay for the warranty.

Do I trust and like my HVAC company?

Before you buy an extended warranty from an HVAC company, find out how long they’ve been in business. Make sure you’re buying your system from a reputable company that will be around to honor the extended warranty.  Who backs up the extended labor warranty?  Is it backed by the manufacturer, an outside clearinghouse, or the contractor?  These are great questions to ask.

You should feel good about a company you’re doing business with. And, when you purchase an extended warranty, you’ll be doing business with them for a long time as well as depending on them for regular maintenance to keep your new system working properly. You need to be able to trust them to extend the life of your new system.

Peace of mind

If you value peace of mind that your cost of repairs, the parts and labor are covered, then an extended warranty is worth the initial investment.  Air Agents Heating and Cooling provides extended labor warranties through York and Johnson Controls, one of the largest and oldest air conditioning manufacturers in the industry.


Extended warranties can save you money. If you’re looking for a new HVAC system and want to discuss your options about an extended warranty, call Air Agents Heating and Cooling today at (704)532-5544.

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